Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wild Rose Sewing Wallet

This is the Wild Rose Sewing Wallet by Meg Hawkey of Crab Apple Hill.  This is her sewing wallet from the cover of her pattern.  It shows the wallet closed and open.

I recently had a holiday at Moffat Beach, 1-1.5 hrs north of Brisbane, at the end of August into early September.  We have a unit there, right on the beach - absolutely wonderful to sit and stitch and enjoy the view.

So while I was there I got stitching.  And this is my Wild Rose Sewing Wallet.

Here's the front.  As you can see I got a little carried away with the beading and the stitching.  But it was such fun.

Meg didn't embellish the back of her wallet but of course I had to.  This is the wallet opened out flat - the back is on the left and the front is on the right.  More embroidery, more beading and a little bit of lace for good measure.

The inside of the wallet has so many pockets.  The left hand side has 5 pockets going down the page.  The top one is divided in two.  The right hand side has 1 large pocket that is then stitched to make 4 pockets - 2 to hold pens, 1 underneath the needle holder and 1 underneath the pincushion.  Your scissors are held in place by a ribbon on the top left hand side of the wallet.  I also added a little crocheted bag to mine to hold a thimble.

The picture below is the inside again but with a few goodies in it to show off the pockets galore!

And finally the little tie that I made.  It is crocheted from stranded cotton (the same one for the embroidery), then beaded and finally a pretty ballerina charm on the end.  Not what I normally do, but I did enjoy making it.  And of course, once I started, it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be.

The fabric that I used is a range called Crystal Palace, the thread is a variegated Anchor Stranded Cotton 1335.  You can see it in the bottom pocket on the left.  All the embroidery was done with the same thread. 

You can find the pattern here

the fabric here

the embroidery thread here

our charms here

and the little crocheted bag here.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my Wild Rose Sewing Wallet as much as I did making it



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  1. Gorgeous Karen, quite a work of art, I love it!!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful piece of work!!!