Monday, September 12, 2011

Hello, hello

Well I have finally decided to dive in to the world of blogging.  My name is Karen and I own The Quilters' Store, The Embroiderers' Store in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

This blog will relate mainly to my sewing life which obviously revolves around my shop.  I have sewn all my life - don't remember ever not sewing.  My mother was a tailoress and a wonderful seamstress.  She taught me (and all my brothers and sisters) from a young age how to sew.  She also taught me to knit, to crochet - basically to create.  So thanks Mum.

I remember at high school getting into trouble becaue we started a project one week and I had it finished by the next week - it should have taken me all term!  Obviously I only did sewing at school for one year - they were way too slow!

For me if it has fabric, thread, beads, buttons, lace, trims and anything remotely related, then I'm interested.

About me personally - I'm married to Andrew, the love of my life.  We met in my first year at Uni, age 17 and he still makes me melt.  We have 2 beautiful daughters - Leah and Caitlin - both have grown into delightful young women that I am so proud of.  I also have a son-in-law, Jared.  He is a good young man who loves my Leah dearly.

There have been and are assorted pets - currently 2 cats Ceva and Louis.  Ceva is a Maine Coone and he's big - weighing in at around 11kgs.  Louis is a Ragdoll and a featherweight compared to Ceva - only 5 kgs.

I'll find some photos of them all soon and pop them up for you to see.

That's it for now

Talk soon!



  1. Welcome to blogging Karen


  2. Welcome to blogland Karen!!! What a great way to keep up with what's going on! I plan on coming up to the Quilt Show in October, so will see you then!!!! I hope you have fun with this!!