Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hello. I'm back. Haven't posted for such a long time.

My first finished project for 2014 is a quilt for a 1 year old baby girl.  It is 40" x 48".

The quilt uses the bow tie block - a traditional block, but done the easy way.  There are 120 blocks.

The fabrics are from American Jane - Sandy Klop.

This is a 4" finished block comprised of 2 dark squares @ 2.5", 2 light squares @ 2.5" and 2 more dark squares @ 1.5".  The little dark squares are used to make the triangles.

This is not the best photo - uneven light.

I have been watching the cricket while I've been sewing.  Enjoying it very much.

Have a great day


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